All Night Meeting – People

Here are the second set of photos from last night’s All Night Meeting for the Demosthenian Literary Society at UGA. It was the 206 anniversary.

These are shots of speakers, members, alumni and guests from various points during the night.


4 thoughts on “All Night Meeting – People

  1. Josh,
    Excellent photos. Just as I remember the Hall.
    I should have come up there for an ANM long ago.
    former VP and Historian

  2. Great picture, Josh – didn’t realize I looked so old (LOL).
    Although you caught me with my eyes closed, I hope that all will remember that I did not go to sleep during the presentation of my alumni resolution (RESOLVED – that the other society can, should and must remain a subject for derision and scorn.) and that it passed by acclimation.
    I was very impressed with the number of members present and wish all Demosthenians a long life, health, wealth and happiness. See y’all in a few years, God willing.

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