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Here is the first set of photos from this week's game against Auburn. It was the last regular season game I shot for the paper which was kind of sad. However, what was exciting about it, besides the fact that

This is the fourth set of photos from this weekend's game between Georgia and Florida. These photos were meant to highlight Florida players, but I now realized they are all just Florida players getting dominated. My bad. Click here or "Continue

Here is the second set of photos from the University of Georgia versus The University of Florida game held in Jacksonville, Fla on October 27, 2007. This is the second of four sets that will be posted over the next

Here are photos from the second half of UGA's September 22, 2007 game against The University of Alabama. Click here or "Continue Reading" below the picture to see all

As mentioned, I shot photos for The Greenville News at this week's game. Here are some of the action photos I took of the game. Click "Continue Reading