Toyota 4Runner

Campfire Stories
Campfire Stories
Campfire Stories

My first year at Saatchi, my partner and I were placed on a small team tasked with evolving the popular Keep It Wild campaign for the 4Runner. We settled on the idea of Campfire Stories as the glue that would hold the new campaign together.

My partner and I knew our target audience loved photography and action sports, so we found Instagram influencers who embodied these traits to tell their wildest stories. At the end of each story, we showed a campfire scene that served as a menu to link to the other stories by utilizing YouTube’s annotation feature.

We also found a group called The Moth that focused on telling stories. We partnered up with them and National Geographic to bring campfire stories to the annual Telluride Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, CO.

The pop-up event, held around a fire-pit in the Telluride Mountain Village, drew over 350 spectators to hear the five Moth members tell stories. One was even bitten by a bear. All attendees recieved some branded items to bring too.



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