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Digital Pawprint - Amanda Foundation [SSLA]

Basically, programmatic targeting is evil and people hate it. After all, why would you want people you don’t know to know everything about you? Well, what if we used that same data for a good cause?


Using data that digital advertising networks collect, we were able to identify our target audience based on their age, location, family size, and other interests. We then matched the viewers with their ideal pet that was currently adoptable at the Amanda Foundation.

Additionally, I got to play pet photographer for the day as well as serving as one of the art directors.

Landing Pages

After viewers were presented with their ideal match, clicking the banner took them to a landing-page with more information about that adoptable pet.



Saatchi & Saatchi LA

CCO: Jason Schragger
CD: Chris Pierantozzi
Sr. CW: Chris Mead
AD: Charlie Fingal
AD: Me
CW: Jeff Pelton
Des: Stephen Lee (Logo)