Laura Sampedro

The AI Directors Club may not exist,
but Josh D. Weiss does.

First, apologies to Carlos for not including him, but since it's not a real award anyway he can deal. 

The work you two have done for Honda, Lurpak and Coke makes me jealous (I can't even tell you how many times SMOOOOTH has been referenced in briefs I've gotten).

Y'alls attention to craft and the little details shine through in everything you touch. Not enough places value craft anymore, unfortunately.

I hope one day we'll work together because I know I could learn a ton and if you've made it this far thank you for playing along.

Josh D. Weiss

About Me

• 11 years experience
• Well versed in tech and AI workflow
• 10m organic views for a YouTube series
• Top 15% Super Bowl AdMeter, 2018
• $500k raised for the Special Olympics
• Created The Side Show, the first and only award show for side projects
• Dying to work with you so much he spent 5 hours crafting just your part of this elaborate stunt

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