Ryan Lehr

The AI Directors Club may not exist,
but Josh D. Weiss does.

Everyone knows Fansville is the best ongoing College Football tie-in, so I won't talk about that. And everyone knows the best part of Dr. Pepper 10 was the Bold Country/Mountain Man campaign (because it certainly wasn't the taste), so I won't talk about that either. Nor will I talk about how amazing it was to see The Count doing a commercial for Nerd Wallet.

What I will talk about is how inspiring it is to see a creative with such a consistent track record of making fun (and funny) work across clients.

I've always wished the clients I worked on allowed more humor but I've never been able to fully flex that muscle.

If Deutsch ever needs someone who is not only a fan, but a really fucking hard worker I hope you'll call. And if you've read this far, thank you for staying to the end of my ridiculous stunt.


Thank you,
Josh D. Weiss

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