Zach Hilder

The AI Directors Club may not exist,
but Josh D. Weiss does.

I've loved following 72andSunny since I was a student at Creative Circus. As an agency y'all have such a massive range of styles from NFL to See's Candy and my recent personal favorite, Zocdoc. I know you've had a major hand in that over the past few years.

What I think is crazily impressive about you is your range. Straight Outta was massively successful, it was everywhere but it's also incredibly different than say, your Juicy Fruit work which is hilariously weird.

As someone who has similarly varied styles, I really appreciate what you've brought everywhere you've been.

All this is to say, if you or 72 need someone on your team who just likes to make shit I hope you'll call. Also, if you've made it this far, thank you for playing along with my stupid stunt.

Thank you again,
Josh D. Weiss

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• 11 years experience
• Well versed in tech and AI workflow
• 10m organic views for a YouTube series
• Top 15% Super Bowl AdMeter, 2018
• $500k raised for the Special Olympics
• Created The Side Show, the first and only award show for side projects
• Dying to work with you so much he spent 5 hours crafting just your part of this elaborate stunt

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