Parents are constantly micromanaging their kids’ lives, and often forget that kids need time to just be kids. It feels like this constant tug of war that the parents usually end up winning. So this time we wanted the kids to take that power back and win the battle.



Agency: BBDO
Chief Creative Officer // Robin Fitzgerald
Group Creative Director // Craig Miller
Art Director // Josh D. Weiss (Me)
Copywriter // Emily Smith

Co-Founder & CCO - Art // Josh D. Weiss (Me)
Co-Founder & CCO - Copy // Sunita Deshpande
Board of Directors - Website // Camilla Ciappina
Board of Directors - Student Contest // Bre Fernandez
Board of Directors - Student Contest // Laura Canzano
Board of Directors // Maddy Kramer
Contributor - Art Director // Grettel Aguirre
Contributor - Art Director // Jelly Marasigan

Contributor - Copywriter // Dillon Hansen
Contributor - Artist // Andrew Thompson

Contrbutor - Product Design // Yanci Wu
Contributor - Project Manager // Isaac Lee
Contributor - Social Strategist // Nico Rud
Contributor - Community Manager // J.L. Perez

Co-Founder & CCO // Josh D. Weiss (Me)
Co-Founder & CCO // Sunita Deshpande
Website // Camilla Ciappina
Student Contest // Bre Fernandez
Student Contest // Laura Canzano
Board of Directors // Maddy Kramer
Art Director // Grettel Aguirre
Art Director // Jelly Marasigan
Copywriter // Dillon Hansen
Artist // Andrew Thompson

Product Design // Yanci Wu
Project Manager // Isaac Lee
 Social Strategist // Nico Rud
Community Manager // J.L. Perez


ebay motors' Between 2 RidesTwin-turbocharged fun for the whole family.

Toyota Super BowlFeatured in AdWeek, AdAge & Creativity Online - A Rabbi, Priest & Imam walk into a football game...

Trump Rio GrandeFeatured in AdWeek - Introducing the World's First .5 Star Resort.

The Amanda FoundationFeatured in AdAge & LeBook - Everyone is worthy of the love of a dog, even people in advertising.

The Side ShowFeatured in AdWeek - The side project that rules over all other side projects.

Georgia LotteryReally bums me out that these hands had a better fashion sense than I do.

Toyota 4RunnerBears, Bison and MOTHs. Oh my.

Energy Upgrade CaliforniaWe were told this could sink or save Gavin Newsom from his recall election.

Weird, Strange, Bizarrely 100% Real AnimalsMy wife thought all the fake animals would confuse my nephew, I said "good."

PhotographyI once had an NBA Center land on me at a game, he was the one who had to get checked by a doctor.