This year has been exceptionally busy in regards to freelance. I've been booked virtually back-to-back since last August and one of my more recent gigs was at DDB SF. My friend Britton Rice and I have started doing some freelance together and DDB was our first tour of duty.

We worked on a really fun project for Energy Upgrade California, specifically their Flex Alert program. Basically, California's energy grid gets stretched thin during the summer so Flex Alerts warn people before they have to start shutting down parts of it to prevent a total collapse. Either turn down your power, or lose it completely.

Britton and I talked about how when blackouts happen, it can affect all the things you love about California. The original idea we pitched was, "Save Power, Save California." That eventually evolved into "Flex our Power, Save our Power." The full campaign is in the process of launching now, but while I was on Instagram the other day I saw the first ad unit for it and figured I should post.