When I've had free time I've been working with my old collegiate debate society to create a new ad campaign for them to use on campus and their social channels. I pitched them a few platforms, but they settled on one I called "TikTalk." The core insight being that today's youth are missing out on necessary communication skills as they've migrated from real life interaction to digital.

From there I gave them a few campaigns and they chose "Go Viral for Something You Can be Proud of." With a long list of famous alumni who have achieved fame in their fields, it made sense to highlight that there are a lot of bad ways to go viral but when you are an effective communicator you have the chance to become famous for something positive.

Below are the print and social. I also pitched them on working with University Archives, as the school's oldest student organization, to host an exhibit under the same name featuring artifacts of the society's most famous alumni.

As far as design, I took cues from design in the 1800's, since the society was founded in 1803 (200 years before Facebook). I also used a font named Philosophers my friend Eric Doctor made. The letter forms, glyphs and even name were spiritually perfect for the project.