Even ad people are worthy of love... maybe...


Basically, programmatic targeting is evil and people hate it, but what if we used that same data for a good cause? Digital Pawprint uses that information to connect rescue animals to their new ideal owner. 

Case Study


Using data from digital advertising networks, we were able to identify our target audience based on their age, location, family size, and other interests. We then paired them with their perfect pet, currently up for adoption at the Amanda Foundation. We made a banner for every available animal in the shelter, and I got to spend a day shooting adorables.


Landing Page

The banners clicked through to a landing page for that specific pet with their full story and adoption information.



Agency // Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Chief Creative Officer // Jason Schragger
Creative Director // Chris Pieranttozzi
Senior Copywriter // Chris Mead
Art Director // Josh D. Weiss (Me)
Art Director // Charlie Fingal
Copywriter // Jeff Pelton




Pets have a way of having their way with their owners. Since Amanda is Greek for "worthy of love," we decided to show what pet owners will do for their pets. This campaign helped Amanda raise their profile in the Los Angeles area.




Agency // Saatchi & Saatchi LA
ACD Art // Patrick Simkins
ACD Copy // Scott Model
Senior Copywriter // Chris Mead
Art Director // Josh D. Weiss (Me)
Art Director // Charlie Fingal
Copywriter // Jeff Pelton


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