I was talking with a friend of mine the other week about the quarterback for our college team, the Georgia Bulldogs. He went from a walk-on as a freshman to winning a national title as a 5th year senior, before deciding to come back for a 6th season.

Because be broke a 41 year national title drought, he's kind of a made man in the state now and we joked that if he ran for Governor he could actually get a lot of people to vote for him.

We checked though and he's still too young, but we thought it would be funny to make him a campaign website since there's a contentious gubernatorial race in the state right now.

We've already gotten a few thousand page views, some supportive comments on Reddit from an organic post and on Monday we should have an editorial in the student newspaper. We'll see how big this can get, but it's a fun little distraction in the meantime that gave us an excuse to find in-jokes that only students and alumni would get.

You can see it at www.bennetIVga.com.