August 30, 2021

Clothes Sans on Reddit

I posted Clothes & Clothes Sans on r/Graphic_Design on Reddit and it ended up becoming the top post. Right now it's sitting at just above 1,000 upvotes (93% upvoted).

August 30, 2021

Clothes & Clothes Sans

Over the past month I've been developing a pair of complementary fonts titled "Clothes" and "Clothes Sans." I wanted to do something that was completely hand drawn because It's an area that I know I need to practice more. I use vector as a crutch with illustrations and wanted to get out of my comfort zone.

August 23, 2021

Double Exposure

The other day I started messing around with a photo I had shot. This ended up being the result.

It started with an abstract design I noticed in the background of a tv show my fiance was watching. I thought it might look interesting with a photo layered over it, but then I started warping things and adding some text for texture and messing with the colors.

Eventually I landed here. Decided to add in a paper texture for good measure so it didn't feel so vectory.

Let me know what you think.

July 12, 2021

Robot Cowboy

The other week I had this vision of a robot cowboy. Last night I finally had time to turn the vision into a reality (as much as an illustration is reality).

July 9, 2021

Energy Upgrade California

This year has been exceptionally busy in regards to freelance. I've been booked virtually back-to-back since last August and one of my more recent gigs was at DDB SF. My friend Britton Rice and I have started doing some freelance together and DDB was our first tour of duty.

We worked on a really fun project for Energy Upgrade California, specifically their Flex Alert program. Basically, California's energy grid gets stretched thin during the summer so Flex Alerts warn people before they have to start shutting down parts of it to prevent a total collapse. Either turn down your power, or lose it completely.

Britton and I talked about how when blackouts happen, it can affect all the things you love about California. The original idea we pitched was, "Save Power, Save California." That eventually evolved into "Flex our Power, Save our Power." The full campaign is in the process of launching now, but while I was on Instagram the other day I saw the first ad unit for it and figured I should post.

May 5, 2021

Gettin’ Married (Later)

I usually try to do a few new side projects every year, but because life happens - this year might be not as outwardly productive as I'm used to. To that ends, I decided that my wedding would be one of my tent pole side projects for the year.

To that end, I spent some time designing out the wedding website. Settled on a design language for it and tried to use photos I've shot over the years as much as possible (I even went and did a photoshoot to get a shot of the venue). Anyway, it's mostly up now and you can see it at

The nice thing about having this design language in place is that it made designing the Save the Dates (and eventually Invitation) super easy.

April 23, 2021

Random Art

Was playing around in Procreate and made this, then brought the result into Photoshop and made the second of these two. Not sure which I like better.

March 21, 2021

Quick Update

Been a bit busy between freelance work and pre-planning for the second year of The Side Show. However, after a 5-week stint with Havas NY working on Wells Fargo, tomorrow I'll be starting for a few weeks at TBWA\Chiat\Day LA. I'll be working on their Quickbooks team with my Side Show Co-Founder Sunita Deshpande.

March 3, 2021

Homer Simpson

I was playing around with some new Procreate brushes and had some fun with an old Simpsons quotes last night. Here was the final result of that.

February 23, 2021


The other week I was talking to one of my copywriter friends, Jody Bufkin, who was getting into photography. It made me think about how so many people in advertising shoot, but there wasn't a great way to see what everyone was doing.

We had an idea, create an Instagram account that would seek out and highlight the best photography coming out of people in the industry. We're steadily growing the account and trying to feature at least one photo a day.

The image below was shot the other week, and I've already evolved the style a bit, but I like the image below because you can see how I originally envisioned the project.

February 21, 2021

Los Angeles Magazine IG

Got a surprise this morning when I saw that Los Angeles Magazine (@LAmag) reposted one of my photos on their feed. I'll save my thoughts on for profit publications reposting content on their platforms without payment for another day.

February 15, 2021

Now That You’re 21

I was listening to one of my favorite albums from when I was in high school (Midwestern Songs of the Americas by Dillinger Four) and remembered how much I loved this one song. I decided to practice some typography based on a few of the lyrics.