June 22, 2019

Toyota – Next In Line

Back in 2016 one of the last projects I was working on at Saatchi was for a sales event. My partner at the time and I must have written over 100 spots because the brief kept changing. At some point after I left, they actually ended up making one of the scripts that had been killed. I had taken off the retail section of my site so I never featured it in my actual book, but this seems like a good place for something like this.

June 22, 2019

Tablet Illustration

Earlier this year I bought an iPad Pro. The prospect of having a computer that I could draw directly on intrigued me for letting and illustration work. What I basically discovered was that I was super out-of-practice for hand illustration (as opposed to vector). As a result, I made a project for myself wherein I started illustrating different photos of my friends until I was back up to speed.

To keep this short, I did a bunch until I had regained some of my confidence. One in particular though really stood out to me, it was of my friend Greta. You can see it below.

June 21, 2019

Rebranding Exploration

A year and a half ago in an effort to modernize my portfolio I ditched the logo I'd been using since I was at Creative Circus. I went with something that was typography driven, but decided I missed having a mark I could truly own. A few months ago I started working on some explorations of what my new mark could be. I came up with the following 10 options.

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June 18, 2019

Introduction to Experimentation

So I make a lot of random things, and sometimes I have a lot of random thoughts. Figured this might be a good place to post odds and ends without having to commit to giving them a permanent place in my portfolio. Now that I'm freelance again, I'll have more free time then I was expecting so expect to see some new stuff soon-ish.