September 29, 2021

Wells Fargo Active Cash

I've been freelancing with Havas for about 6 months this year on their launch campaign for Wells Fargo's new credit card line. The campaign that was sold in was "Real Life Ready," so we were tasked with coming up with spots that showed real life but with a celebrity. Obviously a challenge.

After several rounds of scripts and finally settling on a celebrity, my copywriter (Britton Rice) and I sold some stuff through. Unfortunately because of Covid we didn't get to go on production, but the final results were good enough to make Editor's Pick on AdWeek.

Big thanks to the Havas NY team including CD's Alexis Garber and Alec Kleinfeld, ECD Peter Gosselin and CCO Dan Lucey. Additional thanks to the entire account, strategy and production teams who usually go unheralded.

You can watch the extended cut below.

June 22, 2019

Sierra – Summer Bod

During my unfortunately short tenure at Red Tettemer, I got to help out with some broadcast for a new client  the agency won a few weeks after I started (TJ Maxx offshoot Sierra). The new campaign that sold through were these anthropomorphic squirrels who would comment on clothing and gear you could buy at the store.

We weren't given any products in particular to feature, so I browsed through their inventory until inspiration struck. It finally did while looking at their bathing suits. Suddenly I had a vision of a giant squirrel who's fur was shaved into the shape of a bikini. You can see for yourself below.

I was hoping I'd get to work more on this campaign, but due to client budgets and the layoff that won't be happening. So instead of getting it's own section in my portfolio, it gets to live here as a side show.

June 22, 2019

Toyota – Next In Line

Back in 2016 one of the last projects I was working on at Saatchi was for a sales event. My partner at the time and I must have written over 100 spots because the brief kept changing. At some point after I left, they actually ended up making one of the scripts that had been killed. I had taken off the retail section of my site so I never featured it in my actual book, but this seems like a good place for something like this.