Football fanatics will do anything to make their team win. Even pray to god, every single god. Every. Single. God.



Agency // Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Chief Creative Officer // Jason Schragger
Group Creative Director // Leo Circo
Creative Director // Marc D'Avignon
ACD/AD // Brian Morgan
ACD/CW // Chip McDonald
Art Director // Josh D. Weiss (Me)
Copywriter // Jeff Pelton
Copywriter // Richard Beahm
Jr. Art Director // Dwight Williams


Toyota Super BowlFeatured in AdWeek, AdAge & Creativity Online - A Rabbi, Priest & Imam walk into a football game...

The Side ShowFeatured in AdWeek - The side project that rules over all other side projects.

Trump Rio GrandeFeatured in AdWeek - Introducing the World's First .5 Star Resort.

The Amanda FoundationFeatured in AdAge & LeBook - Everyone is worthy of the love of a dog, even people in advertising.

Georgia LotteryReally bums me out that these hands had a better fashion sense than I do.

Energy Upgrade CaliforniaWe were told this could sink or save Gavin Newsom from his recall election.

Weird, Strange, Bizarrely 100% Real AnimalsMy fiancé thought all the fake animals would confuse my nephew, I said "good."

Toyota 4RunnerBears, Bison and MOTHs. Oh my.

Nuehuevo YorkI once saw a couple signing divorce papers at a Carls Jr.

PhotographyI once had an NBA Center land on me at a game, he was the one who had to get checked by a doctor.